Is Islam below possibility?

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The author takes a cynical and satirical seem to be on the Islamic chance a good way to backfire on the political and spiritual hypocrites.


sure, Islam is beneath hazard. It isn’t simplest from Christians who purportedly are attempting to convert weak Muslims or from MCA which continues on the hudud penal code but additionally from inside our very personal borders.

Wahabbism is purportedly on the rise and Shi’itism, too, among situs judi online the many Sunni followers of Islam during this country. The Al Arqam sect which became supposedly neutralised by means of the govt is rearing its head once more.

There are additionally other deviant Muslim sects working quietly in the nation, and their low-key activities are yet to appeal to any attention.

recently, 20 of Al Arqam followers were arrested for celebrating the seventy fifth birthday of the late Ashaari, the founder of the deviant Al Arqam sect.

It has even been suggested that Rawang, a returned water city, has registered extra special economic growth due to its actions

The late founder’s spouse, Khatijah Am, is operating agen sbobet from a dear mansion RSA Palace in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. She is purportedly overseeing a “executive” already in vicinity within the country.

besides the fact that children no one in fact knows how huge the move is, there’s worry that it is tremendous ample for them to form a “shadow cabinet” with 41 different ministries. Even the Malaysian government doesn’t have that many ministries.

one of the most ministries consist of the ministry of the netherworld kementerian alam ghaib, the ministries of proper souls and sects roh suci dan tariqat, death and the hereafter kematian dan akhirat and family and holy sex keluarga dan seks suci.

Intelligence companies have said that it is part of a plot to overthrow the government and to kind an Islamic state. It additionally noted that Khatijah had seeing that been preserving a complete of 54 month-to-month meetings with “exact leaders” of the sect in Malaysia by means of video conferencing, the place she holds the post of prime minister.

it’s additionally stated that pretty much RM800.”000 is amassed every month through a number of sources to fund the circulation. A clairvoyant of kinds, Khatijah claims she get hold of direct orders from her late husband.

meanwhile, Nurul Izzah Anwar’s commentary on the liberty of faith for the Malays seems to have puzzled everyone within the country. Now she is dealing with investigation with the aid of JAIS and criminal motion may well be taken in opposition t her.

Even the news media and Barisan Nasional politicians agen judi bola terpercaya were completely confused, judging through the vehement response in opposition t her apparently blameless statement. How do we are expecting the standard Muslims not to be puzzled?

A pondok cleric with a long way-sighted vision has declared that it’s forbidden for Muslims to vote for opposition celebration DAP.

A Pahang mufti has additionally backed a transforming into campaign among Umno-aligned religious leaders to echo the same after a few Islamic scholars referred to as the secular birthday party “belligerent infidels”.

apparently, DAP is not such an innocent political birthday party, in any case.

Threats to our culture

Even the Jews are frequent to be a security danger to the nation and to Islam. it really is why the executive refuses to have anything to do with the Jews and Israel. Communism is an extra credible risk that must be normally monitored.

Some non-Muslims pose a danger as they continue to ridicule the executive about “sin taxes” amassed from alcohol, gambling and cigarettes, even though the govt has made it clear that such taxes go into a separate memoir.

Some have even long gone to the extent of questioning agen judi piala dunia profits taxes paid with the aid of non-Muslims in this country. Now isn’t that going a bit too a ways?

now not best that, “it’s additionally very unnecessary of non-Muslims to touch upon Islam through the use of a long way- fetched examples of “political hypocrisy”. They should put a full stop to it or touch upon their personal faith. The actions of a couple of renegade Muslims can not be used to choose the vast majority of legislation- abiding Muslims.

As we talk, action is being taken on an sinister letter to Malaysiakini written by means of one “Steve Oh.” How can Steve humiliate the nation and its people by using espousing such liberal views? Doesn’t he have a coronary heart?

sure, go away the Muslims on my own and let us style out our differences. whether the Muslims opt for S or Umno could be determined in the subsequent election. And most americans consider that race and religious issues will disappear naturally after the election, so wait and see.

Even some Muslims are a possibility to themselves. The liberal and pluralistic ones are tormenting the latest religious framework by way of questioning the repute quo.

Some may be deviant Muslims, or have left the faith, misplaced their faith or who’re questioning their faith, insist on highlighting their liberal views in the public media. No, they should still maintain the feedback to themselves. no person wants to listen to what the lost souls must say, and also you are perplexing different vulnerable Muslims.

Swift justice

The hazard to Islam during this country is very actual. Liberal and pluralistic life by way of some Muslims would cause their finest downfall. Even political and non secular hypocrites received’t be spared.

There will be no mercy for people that insist on hiding at the back of their political mask and religious veil. They will be identified and delivered to e-book, sooner or later.

Many Muslims appear to agree that the simplest technique to fight rising crime and corruption is to implement hudud. all the corrupted politicians, givers and receivers of bribes, robbers and thieves would be hastily dealt with.

With the Malaysian Anti-Corruption fee MACC at once under the ministry, all and sundry dwelling past their skill can be best suspects for prosecution. There would be no mercy.

There could be no more cow-gate, motor vehicle-gate, Selangor water-gate, LRT-gate, timber-gate, submarine-gate, foreign exchange-gate and different gates. it’ll only be the shapely gates or the gates of hell.

as soon as judgment has been served on the corrupted, it’s going to turn its full consideration on the time-honored populace. you may are expecting a drastic drop in crime from then on.

The culture for Muslims in this nation is reasonable sufficient. people who wish to have more religious freedom are free to depart. folks that wish to reside should still repent and be decent Muslims.

Shah Rukh Khan’s videos, Halloween, Valentine’s Day or are living concerts are small sacrifices to make. Don’t blame the government, as they’re purely looking out for the Muslims to avoid them from straying.

these days, Abim and S formative years are taking on, where the authorities have left off, to ensure that Islam is not under chance, and that Muslims conform to selected instructions.

Political impasse

Race and spiritual concerns are spiralling out of handle because of the approaching election. Muslims, who don’t subscribe to the S version of the hudud, may still vote BN. When the time comes, Umno will get a hold of a better edition of hudud to soothe all Muslims.

S may still cease the usage of non secular concerns as fodder to buy elections. Umno and BN should still stop arguing with S on non secular issues. it is additionally very complicated.

MCA, in its pursuit to disgrace the hudud penal code, is inflicting a rift among the Malays and chinese, inflicting them to hate one a different. It is very stupid as Dr Chua Soi Lek doesn’t speak for the chinese language, and neither does Ibrahim Ali for the Malays.

Nurul Izzah does not speak for the Muslims both. If Senator Mashitah Ibrahim desires to occupy legal action towards her, she may still achieve this instantly, and not simply speak.

The country is extra involved to understand what BN can do for the nation, instead of highlighting issues that do not challenge the voters. prime Minister Najib Tun Razak should inform us in standard phrases why BN is so a whole lot more desirable than the Pakatan Rakyat.

today, many people continue to be clueless on whom to vote for. BN says that we should still not gamble away our future by using voting Pakatan. yes, playing is a sin, and playing away our future is a much bigger sin.

but Pakatan’s election manifesto sounds so tempting, so fresh, so purposeful and so up thus far that it could be a sin now not to give them half a chance to show it.

but one thing is for certain: the Muslims have matured. they are going to vote towards corruption, religious intolerance, hypocrisy, inequality, extremism and disunity, which ability that unsuitable political leaders might also find it complex to hold their seats intact this time circular.

A tour book, informed pilot and naturalist, Iskandar Dzulkarnain has been writing a couple of years now, mainly enjoying satirical items e. he’s a FMT columnist.